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PayRoll sofware is Available for Purchase

Payroll software with Fully e-support

Payroll software with IRAS AIS/CFP/BANK e-submissions

  • 1) Create/Maintain employee profiles.
  • 2) Import all of branch attendant data.
  • 3) Create/Maintain employee profile details ( basic salary, bank account, OT calculation rate etc. )
  • 4) Add different OT rate control for different OT hours range.
  • 5) Import Sales records for Calculate sales commission for sales engineers by difference rate.
  • 6) Compute & disburse salary and reimbursements.
  • 7) Process advance payment, extra payment, bonuses.
  • 8) Employee leave records,( Annual leave, unpaid leave, medical leave).
  • 9) Print payroll and leave report.
  • 10) Auto Prepare/Print annual IR8aA/R8S/ Appendix 8A/ Appendix 8B form.
  • 11) IRAS - Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS), validation tested for all four types e-submissions : IR8A/ IR8S/ Appendix 8A/ Appendix 8B.
  • 12)Data entry as fill the form, auto generating the e- submissions data, to upload IRAS website.
  • 13) Export salary bank in files Interbank Giro( IBG) support for UOB,DBS,OCBC
  • 14) Salary report, Payment mode pre-define, filter out for cash or cheque payment.
  • 15) Export CPF summary files / report ( switch for if need CPF control),
  • 16) Monthly CPF e- submissions file generated( has been verified ) .
  • 17) Provide printed or electronic pay advice.
  • 18) Support Middle month Advance Salary payment.




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